Sashimi (attested since the 15th century) is a dish of bite-sized pieces of extremely fresh fish.
The art of cutting up the fish is what makes it so flavorful.
Sushi as we know it nowadays is only two centuries old. It is made of slices of raw fish placed on a small ball of rice
seasoned with vinegar. The person who invented Sushi was put into prison for having auctioned the dish for a fortune whereas it was so inexpensive to make.
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Nigiri-sushi, maki-sushi

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Fish cuts: Sanmai-oroshi
Basic fish cuts for sushi

Preparing rice
Not so trivial details

Filmed lesson on how to shape sushi
Step-by-step with Hissa

Filmed lesson on Te-maki
The easiest


Hints on how to make your own sushi
A few simple rules, instructions.

Eat with your hands? Or use chop sticks? What about soy sauce?

The taste of sake
How to drink sake with Japonese guests.