retour au sommaire Sushi (Nigiri) filmed lesson

With a good shape
be zen
Starting with a "sanmai-oroshi" cut, cut a slab the width of 4 fingers...
Then cut into thin strips that weigh about 20 grams... careful not to cut your fingers...
See also how to prepare rice
For children, not to much
Prepare the wasabi by mixing the powder with a little water in a small bowl.
Roll a small ball of rice between your fingers, not too large...
Spread the wasabi onto the strip of salmon with your forefinger
  the trick
turn sushi gently
Tamp down the salmon
  After you have placed the ball of rice on the wasabi, make a shallow well with your finger... Turn the ball over gently
by placing it at your fingertips
  Tamp down the salmon with your forefinger.
Practice it!
Final result

 Dekiagari !

(It's ready!)

This sushi is hull-shaped. There are other, more difficult ones to make.